Wedding Gowns Through the Ages

4th OF APRIL 2017

This month I’ll be making a super quick trip to attend London Cake International.

Before the show, Ill be working on my show piece for the collaboration Wedding Gowns Through the Ages”.  A group of  amazing cake artists have come together to create cakes inspired by Wedding Gowns. Each of us chose a decade to use as a style guide.

Everyone was super surprised when I grabbed the 1970s instead of one of the more vintage eras, but I've had a fascination for the 70s for a long time. I just love the fashion, music and culture of that time.



You can see my Pinterest Inspiration Board here

And check out this incredible contemporary fashion collection inspired by the 1970s!

I’m really excited about the piece I’m creating and can't wait to share it with you! I'm also looking forward to seeing the work from other collaborators including Dominique Pickering, Paul Bradford, Emma Ball, Tracey Rothwell, Michelle Pattinson, Calli Hopper, Karen Keaney, Suzanne Esper, Ben Fullard and Helen Mansey.

I will also be doing some live demos at the show, both in the demonstration theatres and at my own stand. Over the two days, Ill be working on a cake at my stand and for those who cant attend, Ill be posting the demos live on Facebook. My range of lustres and stencils will be available to buy and anyone is welcome to come by, say hi and talk cake.

Faye. x

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