UK Tour - January 2017

19th OF FEBRUARY 2017

I could never have imagined that I’d be fortunate enough to do the kind of travel that I’ve done as a cake teacher.

This January, I returned to the UK for the second time and visited Oxford, Belfast and Glasgow 

Oxfordshire with All Cakes and Sizes



Classes were held in a gorgeous village hall in Oxfordshire. Lauren at All Cakes and Sizes was an awesome host, her supplies and assisting made teaching a pleasure and I was fortunate to have students who were already skilled decorators. It’s nice to know that students attend classes not only to learn new skills but to get a fresh perspective and feel inspired and re-energised about their own work.


A short stop in Leeds with Planet Fluff!



Planet Fluff is Mish Pattinson from VS cakes, Emma Ball from Richard’s Cakes and Tracey Rothwell from Little Cherry Cake Company. I was special guest at their first Planet Fluff high tea.

What I love about this concept is that decorators who often work as solo operators can come together and connect while watching demos and relaxing instead of working. It seems like everyone had a great time and learned new tricks. I loved watching the demos, especially Emma’s awesome and super-fast figurine modelling. 


Belfast with Truly Scrumptious Cakes by Design



Emma at Truly Scrumptious is based in Omagh and I spent a night with her lovely family before packing up and heading to The Europa Hotel in Belfast for the classes. Emma’s son Ben drew me a special picture that may become my next design for future classes!

Belfast is an awesome town that I had been keen to visit for ages and once again I was blessed with lovely students who created some super-pretty cakes over the two days there.


Last stop was Glasgow with Mrs Jones Passion in the Baking



Sheila’s kitchen is a work of art and her hospitality is always wonderful. Over the course of 4 days I met more lovely and talented decorators. It’s always nice to get a feel for the cake decorating scene in different areas and meet new people while creating pretty cakes. A lot of behind the scenes work goes on to make these classes happen and a big thank you to Mrs Jones for making it all run so smoothly.  

Are you based in the US and interested in classes? Check out upcoming dates in Austin, Miami and Virginia (near DC).


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