The Styrofoam Lie!

26th OF FEBRUARY 2016

It’s every couples dream to have the perfect wedding day. The dress, the floral arrangements, the wine list, the cake…

But that dream, of course, comes with a budget. Chances are, if your big day is approaching, you have looked into cost cutting measures. 

Today, we are going to bust one of those cost cutting myths for you; the big Styrofoam lie! Many couples who dream of a large tiered cake believe that it will be cheaper if they use foam. Unfortunately, that is far from true.

Let us break it down for you. Let’s say you have 350 guests attending your wedding, and you decide to go with a 7 tier cake.



A Seven Tier Faye Cahill Wedding Cake shot by XSight Photography & Video, Sydney


The Real Cake Option


  • 5 tiers of real cake
  • 2 tiers of foam (as they are too big to be real cake)


  • Ganache for the 5 tiers of cake
  • Fondant for the 7 tiers of cake and foam


The Foam Option


  • 7 tiers of foam
  • 3 kitchen cakes out the back for serving


  • Ganache over 3 kitchen cakes
  • Fondant over 7 tiers of foam cake and 3 kitchen cake


Sure, there is a time saving of approximately 40 minutes for the foam option, however the cost savings in time are quickly absorbed by the cost of materials—primarily the cost of extra foam and fondant.

In summary, the foam option will often cost the couple more than going for the real deal.

Here at Faye Cahill cakes, we are not only proud of our cakes. We are also proud of the service we provide. You can be confident that we are committed to providing you with the highest quality and most cost effective cake for your special day.



A close-up of the full Seven Tier cake pictured above


If you're a beginning cake-maker and are not sure how to price your services accordingly, we've found a wonderful resource at The Biz of Baking.

Whether you’re selling cakes or cookies, macarons or cake pops, their "Confident Pricing" program is going to give you detailed, step-by-step actions you can take to become painlessly on track with your business goals and finally take the mystery out of pricing.


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about 4 years ago
Lovely cake, can u please tell me the size of this cake dummy,. As in measurement of each tier

Tasneem Abdulla

Tasneem Abdulla

about 5 years ago
Hi , I am a home baker and often struggle with pricing my larger wedding cakes. Thanks so much for the advice. 😙 What is your biggest size tier you bake for your wedding cakes? Love your work! Hope to get to your point of detail and elegance someday 😊 Tasneem Port Elizabeth South Africa 🌹