The Art of Artisan

23rd OF FEBRUARY 2016

Fifty years of marriage is no small feat. It requires love, patience, and an enormous amount of attention...

So it is fitting that two of our very special clients celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a cake decorated in the Lambeth technique—a technique that requires love, patience and an enormous amount of attention.




The Lambeth technique forged its name in history in 1934 when Joseph Lambeth published a book on the style called The Lambeth Method of Cake Decorating, however the intricate piping method itself dates back to up to 100 years before that and fits nicely into the artisan category of cake decorating.

Artisan is a technique of creating food or drinks in a traditional or non-mechanised way using high-quality ingredients. And artisan is coming back in a big way.

Artisan bread has become a house hold name, and now the trend has filtered through to beverages (such as craft beer) and of course, cake decorating. And whilst the requests for artisan cakes come in, it is important to know that the technique never really left the cake decorating scene.



We used the original wedding cake topper.


In fact, the technique was most famously used in recent times on Prince William and Catherine’s royal wedding cake and is commonly seen on the wedding circuit. 

The technique requires a lot of practice, pressure control and precision. It requires repetition to allow the cake design artist precision and the ability to do any design in frosting; an ultimate challenge for a piping cake design artist.

Traditionally, all design work is done with egg white royal icing, however it’s important to us to know how to work with all mediums in cake decorating to add our own unique style to the traditional technique.

Do you want to see our unique style? Check out our wedding cake gallery here.

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