Lustre Launch

18th OF SEPTEMBER 2016

This week was the launch of my new range of lustres. We did quite a soft launch and I was thrilled that already there is a lot of excitement about them.


Here’s some things to know about them-

It’s a small range because they can be mixed together to produce custom shades. Possibly more colours will come later, but for now, the ones available are what we use the most in our studio work. They are larger quantities because I am commonly asked where to buy bigger amounts of lustre and because often we are painting whole tiers of cake. One container of our lustre is more than 5 times the quantity of other brands.


They are 100% edible and food grade. Our supplier of minerals has full documentation to show that they comply with food standards.



Introducing the range!

Pearl white-

This is our basic white that we have been using for some time. It’s what we use the most of in the studio. I formulated a mix that’s not too shiny, not too dull, like a silk finish as opposed to satin. Pearl white is more of an off-white than a pure white. Can be tinted to pale pastels by adding a drop of liquid/airbrush colour or a tad of petal dust into the mix (if you are doing the alcohol wash technique)


Galaxy white-

A touch whiter and brighter than pearl white. This has a touch of glam in the form of micro particles that reflect like glitter


Ivory champagne-

Our classic ivory, has pale gold undertones and makes a great base for adding decorations in white for subtle contrast


Nude Taupe-

A touch deeper than Ivory and has subtle brown tones. It’s currently huge as a bridesmaid colour or the underlay of the bride’s dress. I love this one as it’s the classic neutral.


Shimmer gold-

A pale gold suitable for painting a whole tier without being too strong. imagine it with some pink and ivory blooms for an understated glam reception.



Signature gold-

Can be used to paint a full tier for a strong look similar to gold leaf, it’s also our standard gold highlighter used for painting detailing such as monograms and mouldings. Used as a highlighter, this size jar will last a long time.


Platinum silver-

Our basic silver highlighter for detailing, as above, this quantity will go a long way as a highlighter and can also be painted over full tiers for a more dramatic look.


Rose Quartz-

With undertones of copper and rose gold, rose quartz is a gorgeous shade of blush. You can see the effect on our “Arcade Class” cake. Perfectly pretty!


Graphite black-

I’m in love with all shades of grey and back at the moment and they are very on-trend for cakes. Not quite black but a dramatic dark grey with subtle shine that will catch the light beautifully. We are working on a new design with this colour and will reveal it soon.


Regency Gold-

Warmer and richer than Signature gold. For the full regal effect!



Loving the return of copper. So warm and stylish. Team it with marble and geo or add a tier of copper to a floral cake. You may know that copper leaf is not edible, but our copper lustre has almost the same effect and can be used freely on edible tiers.


Rose Gold-

A great one to use as a highlighter on a cake chosen by a couple who have rose gold décor at the wedding or on their invite. Can also be used over a full tier for more drama.



It’s one of the staples I like to have on hand, again can be used as a highlighter or over bigger areas


Cool Bronze-

Rounding out the gold range is a cool bronze, the most neutral of the gold shades, and I love my neutrals and muted tones J


I hope you will enjoy using these colours, available online at Caker’s Warehouse




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Comments 2

Annette Tudor

Annette Tudor

about 2 years ago
Hi, Can you advise where in the UK can I buy your lustre dusts and colourings please? Many thanks, Annette

Connie Kiser

Connie Kiser

about 2 years ago
Can you show photos of a cake done with each of these colors. I see your lovely cakes, I want to duplicate it, and wonder which color you've used on it. What mix did you do for the blue cake on this page?