FREE Tutorial: Waffle Weave

29th OF JANUARY 2017

Inspired by the texture of luxury french linens, fondant waffle weave is a similar technique to piped basket weave but has a finer texture.


Great for rustic and garden styling, it can also add a neutral texture to a sleek and simple design.



Fondant (we use bakels brand)


Rolling pin

Pasta machine with fettuccini and linguini cutters

Paring knife

Right angle ruler

Plastic bag for covering your work

Paint brush




Colour your fondant if desired and then roll out with a rolling pin until it’s thin enough to start feeding into the pasta roller.



Pass through the pasta machine to setting three. Cut in half and pass one piece through the fettuccini cutter and one through the linguini cutter. Trim pieces to a bit longer than your tier height and cover in plastic so they don't dry out.



Mark or score a vertical line using a right angle. Brush a small section with water over the guide mark and attach 2 vertical strips from the linguini cutter. Use your right angle to push into place and make them nice and straight. These are fiddly and tend to twist. I left the odd twist in there and it's not very noticeable. Cut little sections from the fettuccini strips around 1" long. Start at the base and stick these over your verticals, using another strip as a guide for your spacing so the gaps are equal to the weave.

Trim down the leading edge of your first column of horizontals - if working L-R it will be the right side. I used the right angle to indent a vertical mark, then trimmed off the excess.



Wet another section and add 2 more vertical "linguini’s", butting them right up against the ends of the fettuccini - push with your right angle into a nice straight line.

Take some more little sections of "fettuccini" and start your weaving! Starting with a nice clean cut, place these in the gaps from the first row and pass over the 2nd verticals that you have just added. Trim the ends of these new horizontals around 10mm from your last vertical.

Repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please feel free to share your creations and tag us on Instagram

Faye. x

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about 2 years ago
i loved it thank you for this tutorial .