Cake Masters Nominations 2017

19th OF JULY 2017

Yes, it’s that time of year again! I’ve just submitted my nominations for the 2017 Cake Masters awards...

It’s all about celebrating the talent in our industry and rewarding hard work and innovation. I can’t wait to hear who the finalists will be.
These are my choices:

Cupcake Award
Miso Bakes
The two things that I love most about Miso’s work are her precision and her use of colour. Miso’s cupcakes are perfectly pretty little confections that look both gorgeous and delicious. I can almost taste that silky buttercream! Her photography shows the same eye for detail that she uses in her work. What I love about this particular set is how she has left some of the chocolate cake visible and provides the perfect backdrop to the yummy pastel blush, green and cream.



Sculpted cake award
Daniel Di
g uez
What I admire most about Daniel’s work is his wonderful combination of technical skill and artistic flair. It’s his flair that really brings his work to life. I’m loving both his use and application of colour. I was lucky enough to see Daniel’s Carrie Bradshaw at London Cake International and she was so impressive and lifelike!



Cookie Award
Hello Naomi cakes
Naomi is the queen of cute and was in on the ground floor of the cupcake and cookie decorating trend. A lot of us remember her Super Mario set of cupcakes that everyone was sharing from Flickr way back when. It’s her simplicity and super sweet aesthetic that makes her cookies so incredibly adorable and delectable. The pastel colours of this popsicle duo really make you want to take a bite. 



Royal Icing Award
Faye Cahill Cake Design
(deep breath) Yes, I’m totally going to do this- nominate myself for the royal icing award.
I’m not the most traditional or technical in this field, but I totally love piping and incorporate it into my work as much as I can. What I try to do is use smart design and combining piping with other techniques to bring a fresh and contemporary look to my lace work.
My studio has become known for custom lace designs. We are lucky to be creating new styles and patterns on a weekly basis. I’m happy to say my team have become skilled pipers also.

This particular cake was memorable for the sheer volume of lace and the time it took. The aim was to use the bride’s dress as inspiration and use it in a style reminiscent of a Royal wedding cake. 



Wedding cake Award
Poppy Pickering Cakes
I absolutely Love Dominiques aesthetic- Lots of crisp whites, soft muted pastels and pops of metallics. I really admire this cake for the combination of squares and rounds plus the contrast of perfectly smooth tiers with the detailed sugar flowers. She manages to be classically English while stamping each cake with her own aesthetic vision.



Sugar Flower award
While I admire those incredibly detailed and botanically sugar flowers as much as anyone, my personal preference on cakes is for something a bit stylised and not afraid to announce that it’s made from sugar. Jacqueline’s blooms are sweetly precise and naturally pretty.
Gosh, it was so hard to choose just one Image from Jacqueline’s amazing Instagram feed. I love her cosmos and blossoms and this arrangement of both looks fresh, vibrant and happy 



Modeling excellence award
Il Mondo di ielle
So much to love about Elena’s work. Some outstanding figurine work coming out of Italy, but I especially admire the stylised cuteness of her figures. The animation and life she gives them is incredible. I loved her cheeky cranky Mona Lisa but chose this pool scene for the complexity of work. The perfect isomalt splash, the figurine suspended on rope and the beautifully balanced composition.



Rising star award
Vincent Goh/ Van Goh Cakes
Vincent’s work impressed me as soon as as I saw it. He has a great range that covers pretty wedding cakes and flowers, as well as cute novelty. I chose this one, not only because he mentioned my own pineapple-on-legs cake. But also for the fun way he thought about how to create a cake around the “pen, pineapple, apple pen” song in a fun, non-literal way. 



Best Product award
Faye Cahill Cake Design Lustre 

Yes, I’m going to self nominate again :)

It’s one of the essentials in our studio and we use a ton of it. Brilliant for making lace “pop” creating subtle tints that don’t look flat and strong highlights. It’s great to have the peace of mind knowing that the ingredients are 100% certified for food use.




Collaboration award
Wedding Gowns Through the ages
Michelle Pattinson from Planet Fluff put together this amazing collaboration. I think it was so successful because Mish’s energy and excitement was contagious. She had an ambitious vision, and it came together beautifully because it was an awesome, talented and diverse group.


Best Learning Experience Award
Alan Dunn

I continue to love and support the work of Paul Bradford Sugarcraft school and Craftsy, but this year I’m sharing the love around and nominating Alan Dunn.

I’ve only taken Alan’s Craftsy classes, a live class is on my bucket list. I was surprised to find his techniques are a lot more approachable than I thought and all delivered in his laid back style and cool Geordie accent.


Best Book Award
Modern Sugar Flowers by Jacqueline Butler

Jacqueline has bought together a collection of essential flowers and all the instructions to make them. Every project is wonderful, the book is beautifully photographed and she even shares her signature arranging style. You can read our review here.


Best Show Piece Award
Wedding Gowns Through the ages/ CI London, April 2017
Not only an awesome collaboration, but it was presented as a showpiece at CI. Mish went all-out with the styling and presentation, so much thought and work. It looked incredible, but didn’t take away from the pieces. The display got an amazing response from the show.




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Tamatha Cain

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I love all your nominations! :)