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12th OF FEBRUARY 2017

A strong and sculptural flower, the white waratah makes a perfect “hero” flower for a stylish wedding or event cake. Try our fast and effective method for making this lovely bloom.



Gumpaste (see our preference here)


Small rolling pin

#24 gauge florist’s wires (white)

Lily petal cutter

Veiner such as lily veiner

Apple tray or flower formers

Ball stamens

Florist’s tape

Petal dusts - peachy blush and pistachio tones



Start by rolling your gumpaste to around 2-3 mm thick. We use the 2nd thickest setting on our pasta machine to get a perfectly consistent result. Cut around 20 petals with a water lily style petal cutter. Ours is around 55mm long. Moisten a #24 gauge florists wire with water and insert into one end. On a surface very lightly dusted with pure cornflour...



Your finished petal should measure around 70mm long. It takes a bit of practice to get them all looking the same, but once you get into the groove, it's a quick method for making the large numbers of flowers and leaves that we use in wedding season. Press your finished petal on a large impression mat with roughly parallel veins. For this one I'm using a lily veiner. Set to dry in an apple tray giving a slight curl under one side for a bit of movement. Dry at least 24 hours.



For the centre I'm using some of these cool oversized "ball" stamens. For the outer pieces, roll an elongated drop shape from the paste and thread onto a moistened wire. Continue to roll and refine the shape on the wire, then give it a slight curve and dry upright overnight. Make 20 pieces in a variety of lengths from 20-40mm.



Start taping together your ball stamens in a little bunch, arranging them so the centre forms a domed peak. Trim your wires a few times while making the centre otherwise the stem will become too thick to cut. Add the outer pieces, starting with the smaller ones closest to the centre and the larger ones to the outside. Tape on 4-5 at a time.



Now we can bring it all together with colour. White flowers will usually always have some soft tinges of colour and for this one I've chosen a dusty blush peach and pistachio green. For our newer range of exclusive lustre dusts, head here. Dust the green into the centre surrounded by the peach. The gumpaste pieces will take the colour differently to the plaster stamens, so I have used mostly the green on the stamens and peach on the gumpaste. For the petals, the green is dusted towards the base and the peach accents the tip. Tape it all together with white florists tape, adding about 3 petals at a time. Keep going until you have about 18-20 petals forming a nice full and balanced flower.

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Clerose Cletus

Clerose Cletus

about 3 years ago
Thank you for always giving free tutorials. This has really helped.